Music is fashion.
Fashion is music.


Our Story

Our philosophy, from the start, has been to design tasteful garments from sustainable materials that stand the test of time—distinguished by their versatility. Moving past the constant trends and into a rarified space of timeless design through garments that have decades of impact.

With generational experience in manufacturing, we aim to perfect our garments through a mixture of knowledge and the feedback of our customers and partners. This allows us to approach each collection with an open mind to allow space for refinement in the design process.

We understand we serve a conscious consumer, and we want their dollars to be spent on products with a purpose. It’s exactly why we make sure each one of our luxury items is sustainable and built to the highest standard at a fair price.

Brand Ethos

Placed at the intersection of music and fashion, Stitchnote is an emblematic expression of this timeless entanglement. Our clothes draw inspiration from the past, present, and future—creating garments that are both modern and classic, coupled with uncompromising quality to have a generational impact—the new vintage.

Memory Lane

The 70s was a romantic time for music lovers—I would walk through my neighborhood, and in every other garage, there would be tunes that filled the air, whether it was blaring from a speaker or someone learning how to play an instrument. It was a daily reminder of my love for music.

However, if you looked closer, the music permeated into fashion, and I saw the birth of self-expression. The style was fun, funky, and fresh, with people putting thoughts into what they wore daily. The collars were large, the patterns were bold and loud, and the fit range varied from tailored to baggy. In other words, fashion was UNIQUE.

As things stand now, fashion’s obsession with leisurewear has made us look like we’re all athletes. While a healthy lifestyle is great, we look to embody the magic of self-expression in menswear by channeling the symbiotic relationship of music and fashion in every stitch.

Music is fashion - Fashion is music.

Our Process


With generations of experience in the clothing manufacturing industry, we ensure every touchpoint in production is ethical, sustainable, and up to our standards. We travel all over the globe to ethically source textiles and monitor the working conditions of our partners’ factories to guarantee our production meets our standards for every collection, down to our buttons. More importantly, our factory workers have humane working conditions where their health and safety are prioritized above all else.

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